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Overload Protection

Gigasense Over laod System aredesign for reliable accurate Electronics Overload Protection System for Over head cranes in bulk line construction and Steel Plant Cranes.

  • Protects personnel and property against hazards due to overload
  • Enhances safety for personnel in crane operations
  • Monitors the operational conditions of the crane as well as the recommended service intervals. Through this monitoring the crane can be fully utilized during its entire life period (Safe Working Period)
  • CSM is self-checking. All faults result in overload indication.



GIGASENSE® is a fail-safe anti-collision system / collision avoidance system for track bound cranes (EOT) or similar equipment in tough industrial environment. The GIGASENSE anti-collision system is easy to install, robust, maintenance free and comes with built in self diagnostic functions to monitor the system. The microwave technology makes it especially suitable for steel-works, harbors and the like environments. Gigasense Microwave Radar Technology is well known for anti collision for mobile rough working cranes in harsh enviroment , like steel, cement, bulk etc.

Crane Conductor

FELS Enclosed overhead conductor rail system, well-known for the quality and performances of this powerail. mobilis power conductor system is well known for its quality , robust design, long lasting and easy to install and maintenance free during operation.

Mobilis Movit Sliding open conductor bar system (unipole), well-known for its quality and performances at high current. new innovative design for safe working in tough industrial atmosphere.

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Crane Scales

Crane scales and dynamometers allow for below the hook weighing. Our expertise in crane weighing applications is unmatched, whether you are looking for a simple portable hanging scale or an integrated load cell, Gigafos  has the equipment and knowledge you need to ensure accurate and safe …

High capacity electronic digital crane scales for the toughest jobs. Heavy duty crane scales with capacity to 20000 kilograms or 40000 pounds. Some models legal for trade. Secure online ordering, low prices and 24 hour shipping worldwide.

an affordable digital hanging scale, crane scale, weighing hook or electronic balance that offers quick, easy and accurate weighing of large objects, animals, fish and game. Simply mount the item to be weighed to the hook or snap hook (both hooks are included). Useful for forklift and industrial applications …

Telemetry Shackle

A light weight wireless tension measuring unit it combines a high level of performance with a robust design for harsh environments.

With a range up to 200m and a huge battery life of 700 hours the TL-2.0 can be paired with one or a multiple number of RHT-WL-2 WIRELESS/Telemetry Hand Held Displays. , RHT-WR-2 WIRE LINK SHACKLE LOAD CELL

Light weight aerospace grade Aluminium
Ability to transmit to multiple hand held displays
2.4GHz License free frequency
High accuracy
Rebranding option
200m signal range
Remote power on/off feature
Sleep mode for battery conservation


Roltamax Dynamometer features a range of cost effective high accuracy load link load cells offering high safety factor and resolution, IP66 ‘O’ ring sealing and a robust carry/storage case. Load link load cells can be used in a wide variety of applications from testing and overhead weighing to bollard pulling and tug testing.

The standard range of the load link load cells is from 250kg to 500 tonnes and includes wireless load links that link to a hand held display, load links with built in display, and load links with analogue output.

Force Transducer

Roltamax Supply Quality Load cell as per ISO376 “00”  “0.5” “class-1” load cells for precision force measurement .We supply all types of load cells for accurate measurement, testing and monitoring wherever you need a reliable, affordable strain gauge, force gauge or weight sensor..

If our standard range of load cells just won’t fit, we can design you one to your exact requirements. We are here to help you solve any load or force related problem you may have.

Do you need any further information regarding the properties and use of our load cells, such as their natural frequency, accuracy or their use in radioactive environments? If the solution to your problem is not available on our website, do not hesitate to contact our team of sales engineers directly.


The Gigasense Rope Tension Meter is very simple and handy to use. Simply hold and “clip” it to the rope to be tested and use the large hand screw to deflect the rope to a fixed angle. The resultant force will affect the load cell and measure the tension in the wire rope. The resultant signal is digitally processed and displayed in a selected pre programmed graduation. The Gigasense Rope Tension Meter can be graduated in kN, klbs or in ton.

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